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Financial Options for Capital Equipment Investments


Why alternatives to traditional bank financing are essential to small and medium sized businesses.


"The Main Squeeze In The Credit Crunch As Bankers Grow Leery, Small Manufacturers Bear The Brunt"
(Business Week, February 3, 2003)

- Excerpts From the Article -

*The net percentage of banks tightening loan standards to small companies rose to nearly 20% in October, the latest month available, from about 6% in the Fed's August survey of senior loan officer.

*From Massachusetts to California, small business are having to jump through more hoops than they have in years to line up financing.

*A recent survey Kent (Wash.) Chamber of Commerce survey of about 200 small companies, for instance, found that a third reported more trouble borrowing money this year than last.

*"We're talking about companies with good technology, great market potential, but whose growth is being held back by banks tightening credit."